i'm Andrei
I Consult, I Brand, I Design.
With 6+ years of experience creating, designing, and managing SaaS brands.

Hire me, and you'll own a brand that keeps on giving. You'll earn your investment back and then some.
Triple Your Traction
is a branding studio owned by Blanda Andrei.
Andrei Blanda
Increase Awareness        |        Less Churn      |       Better Retention     |        Brand Loyalty
✅ Brand Vision and Values

✅ Brand Archetype

✅ Brand Naming & Tagline

✅ Brand Value Proposition

✅ Brand Story

✅ Target Audience Profile

✅ Brand Research

✅ Brand Architecture

✅ Brand Style Guides

✅ Market Positioning

✅ Marketing Strategy

✅ Copywriting & CRO

✅ Web Design
There's a Catch👇
I only work with my ideal clients because I want to do my best work and have limited time to work 1-on-1 with clients.

I work with high performing SaaS founders who I can partner with over the long term. Good branding requires long-term optimisation, in order experience the best results. Rebranding every year is a terrible waste...

A few small optimizations over the course of a year are much less expensive than redesigning a new brand year after year.

Clients who adopt along-term strategy extend the shelf life of their branding investments and experience more impactful results.
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