Case Study
Redesigning a growing 
but outdated looking SaaS
Octavian came to me with a SaaS he’d been growing for
3 years. He was looking for a redesign. He felt that
their looks did not accurately reflect their product's value.

So. we set off to learn what his business needed during this
period of transition.

They faced a challenge of trying to communicate to three distinct audiences: developers, recruiting agencies and HR people. Being part of this audience himself,  Octavian understood this segment’s needs and goals very well. Together we learned about these three audiences and wrote a plan for how to reposition Pipe’s brand.
Initial brief
“Any interaction with our product is an interaction with our programmer’s code. Any interaction with our brand should be an interaction with us."
What they do
• Stream Audio and Video data to a media server
• Get the Embed Code + Store the Video
• Send Web hook + Email Notification
Tone Words
Record;   Video;   System;   Pipe;   Friendly;   Cloud;   Smart
Brand Mark
• Meaningful symbol and easy to read.  I incorporated the “Record” + “Pipe” + “System” symbols into one cohesive mark that subtly points to the most profitable solution for the company  -> Done for your Recorder.

• The mark takes full advantage of optical kerning, refined weight, and defined clear space. All aimed at  making the mark as recognizable as possible.
• Modern, Approachable and Techy
• Inspired by today's tech visual trends, I aimed at maximizing its impact across all applications while keeping it easy to read.
•  A simple color palette, dominated by red and blacks.
•  Red for grabbing attention and emphasizing their recording service.
The Process
Beautified Website
Our collaboration did not stop with just creating a logo.
Octavian had a vision for an updated website. 
We went back to the drawing board...

They immediately started getting more trial signups. Live Website >
Pipe’s latest challenge
Boring looking emails. Octavian wanted to create consistency across their email on boarding campaigns and their new brand. Here are some of the emails I  designed for them.
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