Face it
What doesn’t stand out
often gets forgotten
We can all feel it when a SaaS product is gorgeous.
Beauty pays off
While beauty might seem subjective, there's tons of research on why and how it directly affects our perception.  

Beauty changes how we understand and remember ideas. It literally affects our trust. It plays a big role in why people stick with using certain online software. They just… “feel right”.
Attention is fleeting
Until you catch it. Since the early days of marketing, aesthetics have been strategically used to make us turn our heads. Cutting through today's digital static requires getting people’s attention.
Only after you get their attention, you can get their interest.
Case Study
Redesigning a growing 
but outdated looking SaaS
Octavian came to me with a SaaS he’d been growing for
3 years. He was looking for a redesign. He felt that
their looks did not accurately reflect their product's value.

Pipe faced a challenge of communicating with three distinct audiences: developers, recruiting agencies and HR people. Through an in-depth target market research, I designed a new brand for them that spoke effectively to all three segments.
Compromising on quality
There has been a big shift in people’s expectations around experiencing software. Everybody is now expecting a much higher bar of craftsmanship, care and attention.
People are more likely to use a SaaS if  it stands out in a visual way.
Brains before Beauty?
I say both. Remember when the first iPhone came along? Everybody before that was doing “functional design”. Design that solved problems, they said. Sure, a product needs to be functional, but they looked soulless and delivered a forgettable experience.
Apple is demonstrating us that sexy AND functional is possible.
How my process works
Kickoff Meeting
Step #1
First, we both need to be clear about the
deliverables, timeline, and shared responsibilities.
Strategy Phase
Step #2
Knowing who you want to serve, why you want to serve them, and how you offer it are all key aspects of this phase.
Step #3
Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, I’ll start brining your brand to life via custom logo design, stationary design, brand guidelines et all.